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Ak Sawhney Instrumentation And Measurement Pdf Free Download ranizid




It covers basic electrical theory, introduction to electrical engineering, basic electronics, instrumentation, circuits, instrumentation principles, AC and DC circuits, basic electronics laboratory, basic electrical instruments, basic electronic instrumentation and equipment, basic power measurement instruments, basic test instruments, basic electronic circuits and engineering.  The book includes two chapters, for theoretical and practical laboratory sections.  Besides this, it also includes a number of figures and numerous problems.  After reading the book, the users should be able to do practical experiments related to the concepts discussed in the book.  The book is divided into 17 chapters and 5 sections.  In each chapter, the basic concepts, basic terms and abbreviations, and some applications are described.  The book covers both theory and practical sections.  A brief description of each chapter is given below: Chapter 1 is on basic electrical theories.  Basic electrical principles, properties of electric and magnetic fields, theory of electric and magnetic currents, theory of direct and alternating current circuits, branch circuits, transients and surges, principles of electronic resistance and conductivity, basic electromagnetic theory, theory of magnetism, theory of electromagnetic induction, classical electromagnetic phenomena, theory of electric field, fundamental electromagnetic waves, propagation and reflection of the wave, wave equation, electromagnetic waves in free space, measurement of the intensity of the field, wave impedance, definition and concept of magnetic field, Helmholtz coils, fields around a coil, induction coil, circulator and isolator, resonance circuit, exponential transmission line, length of transmission line, length of a conductor, transmission lines, dimensions of transmission lines, coaxial cable, structure of coaxial cable, characteristics of coaxial cable, the coaxial connector, coaxial cables and RF systems, coaxial connectors, radiation pattern, microwave and radar, impulsive loads, RF pulse transmitter, range of the transmitter, aperture antenna, high-gain directional antenna, gain antenna, balanced line, single line, dipole antenna, patch antenna, whip antenna, Yagi antenna, UHF, VHF and UHF television, VHF radio, low noise amplifier, receiver, image rejection receiver, television converter, RF filter, cellular and personal communications, spread spectrum and code division, mixed signal and analog circuits, frequency band, signal level, data transfer rate, message integrity, digital transmission techniques, serial transmission techniques, RS232 and RS485, oscillator, mixer, frequency-modulated signal, amplitude modulated signal, audio and FM radio, power transmission and stereo




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