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Buckle Up: How To Install An Older JVC Cd Player On A TV (sadly, not video) Getting this to work was quite a chore. Because this is a DCE that is using a tveeprom binary on the disk, I had to tell it to always boot to that specific disk. When the TV starts, the UEFI is now set up to load the tveeprom binary, then USB Devices, and it looks like it goes back to USB, and then to TV, then repeats. This forces it to boot to that disk. I had to change the boot sequence in the UEFI to show TV only. So in the last step, select TV. Now you can change it from there, but you have to hit space to display the boot menu, and then select TV again. Had to do a little bit of editing to a few other places in the EFI, and the USB EHCI and the PCI location. Then just manually edit the tveeprom.bin on the disk. This is a pain. Of course, I couldn’t install the DVD software on the latest system. It wouldn’t recognize the disk, and the AMD x64 DVD player was just installed. So I couldn’t install the DVD software. So if you’re getting a JVC Cd Player and you’re running a Windows based system (previously I’ve seen a Windows CE version of this, but that’s no longer there), it isn’t quite as easy as some of the other models. Yeah, I read that somewhere. I found out that when I was trying to figure out if it would be worth doing. I had a Windows 8.1 system, but I was getting a lot of weird errors. So I just wiped and installed a Windows 7. Everything worked, except I couldn’t play DVD’s (I’m pretty sure they’re compatible with XP and later). So I eventually found out what was happening, and it wasn’t a compatibility issue. I think they were trying to make it work with the “desktop mode” of 8.1. What they should have done was to just stop supporting it, and not try to make it work with the desktop mode. And now I have to replace my DVD drive. Everything else is working.



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